Our values

Our values

Smulders' policy is based on four core values: Decisiveness, Respect, Customer Orientation and Teamwork. These values determine all of our decisions – day in, day out.

This is what we stand for. Do you recognize yourself in these values? Have a look at our job offers.


“There’s no such word as impossible.“

This motto characterises our decisiveness. That’s what we stand for, that’s what we’re proud of, that’s what distinguishes us from our competitors. If you don’t play you can’t score. Even when you dare, you are not guaranteed to score, but the chance that you do is much greater. Do even better tomorrow than you did today: every football team trains in this way, because the competition does too. The same applies to us: continue to make improvements to stay ahead of the competition.


“Respect is like a boomerang.”

If you treat someone with respect this always pays back.

Respect is about give and take; you will not get respect if you do give respect yourself. Respect needs to be earned and worked on at all times.

We do not wait for things to happen and take the initiative ourselves. We show respect for our colleagues, our customers, suppliers, inspectors, etc. Respect comes in many shapes and forms: listening to each other, doing what is agreed, saying good morning, arriving on time, giving praise, being able to admit your own mistakes, taking care of our material and tools.

Customer orientation

“Customer orientation is an attitude, not a department.”

This slogan emphasizes that offering good service and being attentive to the customer’s problems is a job that concerns everyone. We can compare it with safety: that too should not just be dealt with in the prevention department but requires everyone’s attention and appropriate behaviour.


“A successful team is the work of many hands and one common vision!”

The best result you never achieve alone. If everyone remains on their own little island, if no one is prepared to help a colleague, if we are all going in different directions, then it will be impossible to get good results.

We also support the core values of our parent company Eiffage: leading by example, trust, lucidity, responsibility, transparency and courage & pugnacity.