As a company Smulders attaches great importance to innovation and technology. For many years, we have been a leader in the world of steel structures, also in the offshore wind sector. But we also want to build a sustainable future. For our company and the world.


That is why we are continuing along our chosen path, focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy. We build on our tradition of local and employee engagement.


Development objectives

Smulders has a plan of action with objectives to integrate sustainability into its policy!

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CO2 management

Since 2015, Smulders has been systematically mapping and reducing its CO₂ emissions. The CO₂ performance ladder is an instrument that helps companies in reaching this goal.

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Information about Smulders’ CO₂ data? Or our most recent sustainability report? All publications about sustainability can be found on this page.

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CSR News

Our actions & new ideas in the picture on the CSR news page!

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