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Iemants in Arendonk has a rich history that goes back to 1883. What once started as a small steel processing company, has grown into a steel construction company with a proven track record in the engineering, production, delivery and assembly of mainly heavy and technical complex steel constructions. Iemants is active in following markets: Civil & Industry, Offshore Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind


Iemants is located in Arendonk, Belgium, right next to the E34 Eindhoven-Antwerp highway. The location nearby the highway is ideal for road transportation of large and heavy components with exceptional dimensions of up to 7.5 x 40 m and 130 tons.

Production facilities

The company site of Iemants covers approximately 8 hectares, where Iemants works on its projects in the 50,000 square meters production hall. The well- equipped factory is furnished in such a manner that internal logistics run as smoothly as possible. Large and heavy pieces do not form a problem, as there is enough space and a hoisting capacity of up to 105 ton. The blast cabinet of Iemants in Arendonk is 40 meters long, 10 meters wide and 8 meters high. It can be operated manually as well as robotically. Besides this blast cabinet, Iemants also has various automated blasting machines and a paint spray hall measuring no less than 7,200 m².

With its manufacturing capacity of 20,000 tons per year, Iemants can be included among the world’s leading steel fabrication companies.


One of the unique features of Iemants is the extensive in-house engineering division. Experienced engineers prepare the designs and calculations for all the required parts according to the applicable quality standards. Our engineering division consists of a network of highly qualified calculation experts and 58 draughtsmen, spread over the engineering offices in Balen, Bangalore (India) and Londen (United Kingdom). Our extensive experience and know-how give us a huge lead in terms of efficiency: from the very beginning of each project we incorporate the practical implementation as well as the opportunities and limitations of the logistics process.