Smulders takes great pride in the many projects it has realised. This page contains the most recent information, news and press releases about Smulders.   






Dutch-Belgian consortium to design and build high voltage AC substations for the world's first energy island

Smulders, together with Iv and HSM Offshore Energy, has been awarded the EPCIC contract for the high-voltage substations for the Princess Elisabeth Island by transmission system operator Elia.

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Offshore installation jacket Hollandse Kust (west Beta)

The jacket for the Hollandse Kust (west Beta) offshore transformer platform was successfully installed!

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Smulders achieves Level 4 on Safety Culture Ladder again

A remarkable achievement and a clear demonstration of our ongoing commitment to safety and well-being in the workplace

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Let's meet at Global Offshore Wind!

Smulders will be exhibiting at the Global Offshore Wind exhibition.

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Green light for the renovation of the Krammer Locks Complex!

Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat, Smulders, along with main contractor Besix and partners BESIX Unitec, Croonwolter&dros, Demako, and Bosch Rexroth, will make the Krammer Locks future-proof again.

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TenneTs Hollandse Kust (west Beta) jacket successfully loaded out in Vlissingen.

We're thrilled to announce the successful load out of the jacket and piles for TenneTs Hollandse Kust (west Beta) offshore wind substation!

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Incredible progress on the Inch Cape offshore substation

From bird's-eye to on-the-ground views, incredible progress on the Inch Cape offshore substation!

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Host of the first Steering Group Meeting of OWFA

Last Wednesday we had the privilege of hosting the first Steering Group meeting of OWFA at our yard in Hoboken.

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Building a new quay in Vlissingen

Soon, our yard in Vlissingen will look completely different!

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Jump-start of the Jasmund Offshore Substation (Ostwind 3 OSS)

The HSI Joint Venture consisting of HSM Offshore Energy, Smulders and Iv, celebrate a new milestone towards the completion of the Jasmund substation.

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Final deck sections of Inch Cape arrived at our yard in the UK

The final deck sections of the Inch Cape topside arrived at our Wallsend yard this week!

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Installation of the transformers in the Hollandse Kust (west Beta)

In the week of 13 November, 2 transformers of 300 tons each, were successfully installed in TenneT's Hollandse Kust (west Beta) substation topside.

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Inch Cape offshore substation fit-out kicks off at Wallsend yard

The fit-out of the offshore substation platform and jacket foundation for the Inch Cape Offshore Wind has now kicked off at our yard in Wallsend, Newcastle.

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Smulders and NEPTUN WERFT join forces to build offshore converter platforms in Rostock

Smulders is joining forces with the MEYER Group, which includes NEPTUN WERFT in Warnemünde, to build offshore converter platforms at the Warnemünde site.

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Load out of completed offshore transmission topsides from Smulders Projects UK yard at Wallsend destined for Ocean Winds’ Moray West offshore wind farm

The load out of the two Offshore Transformer Modules (OTM®) marks the completion of the latest Ocean Winds contract for the Smulders yard on the Tyne at Wallsend

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TenneT places artificial reefs near offshore platform Hollandse Kust (west Alpha)

TenneT, in collaboration with contractor Smulders - EQUANS, has placed several artificial reefs near the offshore transformer platform Hollandse Kust (west Alpha) to gain further knowledge about nature-inclusive construction.

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Smulders to supply Transition Pieces for Poland's First Offshore Wind Farm

Smulders will supply 76 transition pieces for the groundbreaking Baltic Power Offshore Wind Farm.

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World’s largest offshore wind farm produces power for the first time

Dogger Bank is now generating clean electricity for homes and businesses in the UK!

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First Moray West OTM successfully loaded out in Newcastle!

Yesterday marked a significant milestone as we loaded out the first Offshore Transformer Module® (substation platform) for the Moray West offshore wind farm at the Smulders Projects UK yard!

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Innovation & welding, a sustainable combination at Smulders

Welding is one of Smulders’ core activities. It is going on day and night on parts for mega projects. Driven by innovation, we want our people to have access to the best machinery and technology.

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Load out of the Hollandse Kust (west Alpha) substation topside

Last Saturday, the load out of the substation topside for TenneT's Hollandse Kust (west Alpha) offshore wind farm took place.

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To the beaches and beyond!

Our Managing Director Raf Iemants along with Carla Wellens, Director QHSE and Sustainability Ambassador talk about the importance of harmonised standards in the offshore wind foundations industry

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First He Dreiht TPs shipped to Newcastle

Last week, the first TPs for the EnBW He Dreiht project were transported from our yard in Hoboken to Newcastle.

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The Tripod – an update on its revival

Can the tripod be revived? That’s what we’re currently researching with our partner Sif.

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Let's meet!

Come and meet our colleagues at one of the Offshore Wind exhibitions this Spring.

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In pole position for OTMs

Today, all eyes are on our yard in Newcastle. We are building substations there for the first time, more specifically for Moray West and Inch Cape. A different constructions site and approach.

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Smulders and Equans kick off topside fabrication of TenneT project Hollandse Kust (west Beta)

At the Equans yard in Hoboken, Belgium, the joint venture Equans – Iemants and TenneT started the cutting of the first steel for the topside of the offshore transformer station for the Hollandse Kust (west Beta) wind farm zone.

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Prime Minister De Croo and Minister Van der Straeten visit the Baltic Eagle offshore platform in Hoboken

On Monday 21 November, Elia Group welcomed Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and the Belgian Federal Minister of Energy, Tinne Van der Straeten to visit the Baltic Eagle offshore transmission platform.

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Hollandse Kust (noord) topside installed offshore

The topside for the Hollandse Kust (noord) substation was installed offshore earlier this week!

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Topside for Hollandse Kust (noord) substation ready to be installed

The topside for Hollandse Kust (noord) left the yard in Hoboken.

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Smulders and Haizea to cooperate in Baltic Power

Smulders and Haizea Bilbao S.L. will supply and fabricate more than 70 transition pieces for the Baltic Power offshore Wind farm in the Polish Baltic Sea

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Official opening of new Willems Quay

Today, the new Willems quay along the Dessel-Kwaadmechelen canal was officially opened in Balen.

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Sustainable business is more than reducing CO2

We were recently granted GOLD status by EcoVadis, an independent rating agency and one of the largest and most reliable providers of sustainability ratings worldwide.

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The electrical substation for the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm has been successfully installed

After a successful load out and sail away last week, the substation for the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm is now also installed offshore!

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Offshore substation for the Saint-Brieuc Offshore Wind Farm heads to the French North Sea

The substation topside and jacket for the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm left the yards in Hoboken and Vlissingen.

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Inch Cape Appoints Siemens Energy and Iemants Consortium to Deliver Onshore and Offshore Substations

Siemens Energy and Iemants will supply the offshore substation platform for the Inch Cape offshore wind farm

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First of two corten steel bridges installed across the Ring in Zaventem

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, the first (of two) brand-new corten steel bridges across the Ring in Zaventem was installed right next to the existing bridge on Hector Henneaulaan.

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First Dogger Bank A transition pieces leave the yard in Hoboken

The first 4 of 95 transition pieces for the first phase of Dogger Bank Wind Farm were loaded out at our yard in Hoboken!

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Hollandse Kust (noord) substation successfully moved out of the construction hall

The substation for TenneT’s Hollandse Kust (noord) Offshore Wind Farm was successfully moved out of the Equans’ construction hall!

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Let's meet!

Meet us at following events in the USA!

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Smulders is nominated for the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment

Smulders is one of the 10 nominees of the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment (BBAE).

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First Dogger Bank A platforms leave the yard in Balen

The first 6 platforms for the Dogger Bank A transition pieces were loaded out at our yard in Balen.

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Consortium Sif-Smulders and Dogger Bank Wind Farm sign Contract for Dogger Bank C

The consortium will manufacture all 87 monopiles and transition pieces.

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Let's meet!

Visit our stand at WindEurope Electric City

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Smulders commits to 100% net zero steel by 2050

Smulders joins SteelZero and makes a commitment to use, procure or specify 100% net zero steel by 2050.

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TenneT's Hollandse Kust (noord) jacket ready to set sail

The load-out of the jacket for TenneT's offshore platform Hollandse Kust (north) has been successfully completed in the Port of Vlissingen.

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The revival of the Tripod

Together with Sif, we are jointly developing a new product-line called “ The revival of the Tripod”.

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Smulders and Marmen Welcon to Produce Offshore Wind Transition Pieces at the Port of Albany, New York

The strategic alliance accelerates growth of the U.S. offshore wind supply chain.

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Move out Saint-Brieuc topside

Discover these impressive images from our JV partner’s yard in Hoboken, where the move-out of a new offshore substation took place a few weeks ago.

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Smulders supports healthcare

Smulders donates 2 tablets and brings patients in contact with the home front via video calls.

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Smulders wins A1 Rhine bridge contract

On 8 February, Autobah GmbH awarded the consortium SEH Engineering, Iemants, Eiffage Métal, Hochtief and Max Bögl the contract for the construction of the Rhine bridge in Leverkusen.

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Smulders is building the 2,000th TP

For the Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm in France, Eiffage and Smulders are currently building 80 transition pieces. And all of a sudden, there was 𝗧𝗣 𝗻𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝟮,𝟬𝟬𝟬!

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Watch our new video!

Smulders delivered 55 jackets for the Moray East Offshore Wind Farm. Curious how assembly went in Newcastle?

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Smulders receives UNITAR-certificate

This is a great acknowledgement of our commitment and efforts of the past three years, in which Smulders carried out actions for all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Final offshore platform sets sail for Moray East offshore windfarm

The third and final Siemens Energy OTM left the fabrication yard this morning.

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Last Yunlin load out in Hoboken

The last 2 of 40 Transition Pieces were loaded out, the final step in the fabrication.

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First Moray East jackets loaded onto barge

Another important milestone has been achieved for the Moray East project!

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Smulders receives top recognition from the United Nations

In October, Smulders will receive a UNITAR certificate from the United Nations.

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TenneT selects Iemants to supply 130 pylons

TenneT has selected Iemants, a subsidiary of Smulders, to supply 130 pylons (65 mast positions) to be placed on the 380 kV Eemshaven-Vierverlaten connection.

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First Triton Knoll offshore platform successfully installed

The 857MW Triton Knoll Offshore Windfarm project reached a major milestone.

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Mermaid substation on the move!

1,200 tonnes of massive steel on the move!

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Move out Moray East substations

On Saturday 8 February, 2 out of 3 Offshore Substation Platforms (OSP’s) for the Moray East Offshore Wind Farm were moved out of the 300 T hall of our subcontractor in Hoboken.

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First foundation installed at Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

The first of 90 innovative short-sleeved transition pieces for the Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm, has been successfully installed.

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Going to work by bike

This year, we already cycled 351,523 km to and from our Belgian facilities, worth a total saving of 75 tons of CO2 per year!

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Foundations taking shape ready for offshore substations

The first of two transition piece bottom sections for the Triton Knoll offshore substation platforms has been upendet ar our Newcastle yard.

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YOUCA Action Day 2019

Today Lotte, student at the Sint-Clara college in Arendonk, will help our colleague Sophie. The money she earns today, 55 euro, will be donated to youth projects in Guinea and Belgium.

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Let's meet!

This autumn we will present our activities in the offshore wind and oil & gas market at various events.

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Transport of first bridge sections for Rozenburg lock

The bridge sections were built at our production facility in Hoboken and transported to the pre-assembly location in Rotterdam.

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1,000 days without an accident resulting in absence

Working safely without workplace accidents resulting in absences ... Willems in Balen has made it happen for 1,000 consecutive days. Something to be proud of!

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Iconic steel bicycle bridge officially opened in Hechtel-Eksel

On Friday 14 June, the bicycle bridge “Cycling through the trees” was officially opened. Smulders was the general contractor of this unique bridge.

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Employees cycle to work

Taking the bicycle to work? That’s something we at Smulders certainly encourage!

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Deutsche Bucht offshore substation successfully installed

On Tuesday 2 April 2019, the offshore substation of 269 MW Northland Power’s Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm was successfully installed.

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Deutsche Bucht substation sets sail to German North Sea

The substation topside and jacket left the yard in Vlissingen

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Load-out of the Deutsche Bucht topside

On Sunday 24 February, the topside for the offshore substation of the Northland Power’s Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm was loaded on the pontoon at the Damen Shiprepair yard in Vlissingen.

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Load-out Deutsche Bucht jacket

On Tuesday 19 February, the load-out of the jacket for the Northland Power’s Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm offshore substation took place in Vlissingen, the Netherlands.

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Smulders to build three offshore transformer modules for the Moray East wind farm

Siemens has awarded a contract for the construction of three offshore transformer modules to Smulders.

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Siemens awards subcontracts for Triton Knoll Offshore Windfarm

The consortium Smulders - ENGIE Fabricom will build two Offshore Transformer Modules® for the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm.

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New milestone reached in the construction of the Deutsche Bucht substation

Smulders, acting for and on behalf of the JV Iemants-Eiffage, has reached the next step in the realisation of the substation for the Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm.

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YOUCA Action Day

Romi, student at the Sint-Claracollege in Arendonk is assisting our management assistant in Balen today in the context of the YOUCA Action Day.

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Smulders at Offshore Energy

Smulders will take part in the Offshore Energy conference and exhibition, from 22 until 24 October in Amsterdam.

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CurieuzeNeuzen, the results!

Smulders participated in the CurieuzeNeuzen Vlaanderen project, the largest citizen science project on air quality to date.

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Norther Offshore High Voltage Station is setting sail to Belgium’s largest offshore wind farm

Today the Offshore High Voltage Station has set sail towards its destination to the Norther offshore wind farm.

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The biggest substation ever built in Hoboken leaves the yard

The Hohe See substation set sail towards its destination in the German North Sea.

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Load-out of the EnBW Hohe See topside

This weekend, the topside for the EnBW Hohe See substation was loaded on the pontoon in Hoboken.

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Hohe See jacket heads to German North Sea

On 29 May, early in the morning, the jacket for the EnBW Hohe See Offshore Wind Farm left our yard in Vlissingen.

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Load-out of the EnBW Hohe See jacket

On Monday 21 May, the load-out of the Hohe See jacket took place at our yard in Vlissingen.

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Another milestone reached at Smulders!

On April 18th, Smulders loaded the 1,500th Transition Piece!

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Smulders participates in the largest citizen science project

Smulders participates in the CurieuzeNeuzen Vlaanderen project, the largest citizen science project on air quality to date.

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Smulders in support of Make-A-Wish

Just like previous years, Smulders supports Make-A-Wish Belgium-Vlaanderen!

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New contract: Theemsweg route

Consortium SaVe redirects Port railway line as part of the construction of the Theemsweg route in Rotterdam

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Second and largest foundation for Kriegers Flak OWF installed

The second Gravity Based Foundation for the offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak was installed in Denmark.

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Job fairs 2018

Come and meet Smulders during one of following job fairs. Who knows you might be our new colleague!

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First foundation for the offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak installed in Denmark

This weekend, the first Gravity Based Foundation for the offshore wind farm Kriegers Flak was installed in Denmark.

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Installation of topside for Merkur Offshore Wind Farm

The topside for the offshore substation for the Merkur Offshore Wind Farm was installed over the weekend.

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Happy holidays!

We wish you a successful 2018!

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Next phase in constructing gigantic foundations for Kriegers Flak wind farm

Jan De Nul Group and Smulders join forces to build two gigantic gravity based foundations for the high voltage station of the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm.

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How is a jacket made?

Do you want to know more about the production of the Beatrice jackets? Check out this video!

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Load-out of jacket for the Merkur Offshore Wind Farm

On Tuesday 5 September, the load-out of the jacket for the Merkur Offshore Wind Farm substation took place.

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Focus on the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm

In the newest edition of our magazine Passion, we focus on the Beatrice project. Read the magazine here!

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How is a transition piece made?

Smulders already produced more than 1,400 transition pieces. Curious about how these transition pieces are made?

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Thank you for your visit!

Smulders would like to thank you for visiting our booth at the Offshore Wind Energy 2017 exhibition in London!

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Another milestone achieved!

Another milestone has been achieved on the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd project.

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Smulders and Eiffage at Offshore Wind Energy

Smulders and Eiffage will take part in the Offshore Wind Energy 2017 exhibition in London.

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Second Walney substation shipped from the Hoboken yard

The second offshore substation for the Walney Wind Farm was shipped from the Hoboken yard.

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Second Race Bank substation installed offshore

The second substation for the Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm was installed offshore.

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First Walney Substation Heads to the Irish Sea

Walney 3 set out Saturday 18 March from the yard in Hoboken bound for the wind farm in the Irish Sea.

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Opening De Krook

Last weekend, ‘De Krook’, the new city library of Ghent, was opened officially. Iemants delivered and assembled the 2,000 tons steel constructions.

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Load-out of substation for Walney 03 Offshore Wind Farm

On Thursday 9 March, the load-out of the Walney 03 topside took place in Hoboken.

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Offshore substation for the Race Bank wind farm in the UK leaves the Port of Antwerp

On Sunday 5 March, the sail-away of the Race Bank substation took place.

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Race Bank OSS is ready for sail-away

The topside and jacket of the second substation for the Race Bank offshore wind farm are ready for sail-away.

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Smulders Wins EOWDC Foundations Contract

Smulders Projects was awarded the contract for assembling pioneering suction bucket foundations for Vattenfall’s European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC).

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A new collaboration with Ferrari

Following an initial collaboration in 2009 for the construction of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Iemants once again realised a project for this amusement park.

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Shell Netherlands president-director opens Rotterdam’s Offshore Experience

The Offshore Experience exhibition was officially opened on Friday, 16 December.

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Happy holidays!

We would like to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a passionate and sparkling New Year!

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Temporary bridge of 1,000 tons installed

Last Sunday December 4th nv De Scheepvaart installed the steel arched bridge, produced by Iemants and Willems, above the Albertkanaal in Heusden-Zolder.

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Iemants wins Steel Construction Award with Gemini substations

Iemants won with the project ‘Gemini substations’ in the category ‘International Projects’.

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Iemants and Jan De Nul to build Gravity Based Foundations for Kriegers Flak

Iemants and Jan De Nul Group to construct, install, ballast and protect GBFs for the EPCI Kriegers Flak OSS Project in Denmark

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Smulders raises €30,500 for Kom op tegen Kanker

The past year, Smulders raised more than € 30,500 for Kom op tegen Kanker, a Belgian cancer support charity.

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Veja Mate Offshore Project Installs OSS

Veja Mate Offshore Project is pleased to announce the installation of its Offshore Substation (OSS) delivered by FICG.

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Maritime Museum Rotterdam to stage first offshore exhibition

New exhibition brings offshore ashore as the search for energy becomes an experience

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Iemants and ENGIE Fabricom-Tractebel get the Merkur contract

The joint venture was awarded the contract for the substation and jacket for the “Merkur Offshore” wind farm.

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Official opening of the Departure Station for the Erasmus line

Today, August 22nd, the new Departure Station for the Erasmus line (HSE) was officially opened in The Hague, the Netherlands.

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Offshore installation Race Bank 02

Last week, the first topside and jacket for the Race Bank offshore wind farm were successfully installed offshore.

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Spomasz obtains ISO 50 001 certificate

Spomasz just received certification of Energy Management System ISO 50 001.

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Smulders obtained level 5 of the CO2 Performance Ladder!

The CO2 Performance Ladder is after all the measuring instrument to determine the climate awareness with regards to company management and execution of projects.

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Smulders supports a good cause!

Managers and personnel at Smulders are doing their best for charity this year and are organizing a number of activities in aid of the Belgian cancer support charity ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’.

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Expansion of Smulders

Foundation work for the building of the new office in Arendonk is to start very soon!

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Offshore installation Burbo Bank

On June 25th, the topside for Burbo Bank Offshore Windfarm has been installed succesfully.

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Final 3 Dudgeon TP's have left our yard

Wednesday evening, the final 3 transition pieces for the Dudgeon offshore wind farm have left our yard in Hoboken.

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Sail out of the offshore HV substation and jacket for the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm

Topside and jacket of the OSS for the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm, have today left ENGIE Fabricom’s Hoboken yard.

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Load-out Race Bank 02 jacket

Wednesday 8 June, the load-out took place of the Race Bank 02 jacket.

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Load-out Burbo Bank topside

On Monday 30 May, Engie Fabricom and Iemants completed the load-out of the topside for the Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm at the ENGIE Fabricom’s Hoboken yard.

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Load-out Burbo Bank jacket

On Wednesday 11 May, the load-out of the jacket for the Burbo Bank offshore windfarm took place at our Hoboken yard.

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Iemants and Willems participate in the first litter campaign of IOK.

On Thursday 14 April 2016, the first ‘litter campaign’ for entrepreneurs in the ‘Kempen’ (Flemish region) was organized by IOK.

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Iemants signs contract for extension of Nippon Shokubai

Iemants signed a contract for the extension of the factory of the Japanese group Nippon Skokubai in Zwijndrecht.

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Load out Stinger Pioneering Spirit

On April 6th, the load out of the Stinger for the Pioneering Spirit, the world's largest ship, took place in Vlissingen.

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Iemants, Cofely Fabricom and CG win EnBW Hohe See contract

The Consortium has been awarded the complete offshore substation including foundation.

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Willems buys new plasma cutting machine

New plasma cutting machine for the realisation of large plate projects.

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Haags Startstation Erasmuslijn in Quest
This is how you build a metro station on a minimal space.

Lack of space at the train station in the middle of the center? Then the tracks should go up in the air. In The Hague, a metro line will end twelve metres above the ground.

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Read the first edition of our new magazine 'Passion'!

Twice a year, in our new magazine Passion, we aim to give you a glimpse of our recent projects in the area of Offshore Wind, Offshore Oil & Gas and Civil & Industry.

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Iemants is participating in ‘Vlajo Ondernemers voor de Klas’

Iemants is participating in ‘Vlajo Ondernemers voor de Klas’, the largest education project between schools and companies in Flanders.

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Best wishes

We would like to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a passionate and sparkling New Year!

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Smulders and Eiffage on EWEA 2015

Smulders and Eiffage will exhibit at EWEA 2015 which will take place in Paris from 17 – 20 November.

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Gemini’s two HV offshore substations sail out

The two Gemini substations "Buitengaats" and "ZeeEnergie" have left the Hoboken yard, near Antwerp, to begin their journey towards the Gemini offshore wind farm, located 85 km north of the island Schiermonnikoog in the Dutch North Sea.

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Load out Gemini substations

Earlier this week, the load out of the two substations for the Gemini Wind Park took place.

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Gemini jackets

The two jackets that Iemants built for the Gemini Wind Park are on their way to their final destination!

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First monopile for the Gemini Wind Park successfully installed

Important milestone reached with the construction of one of the world’s largest wind parks.

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Successful installation of Meppelerdiep drawbridge

On April 16th, the drawbridge of the Meppelerdiep lock complex was successfully installed next to the existing bridge.

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CO2 Performance Ladder

Smulders is going for a level 3 certification of the CO2 Performance ladder, a tool which helps companies to reduce their carbon emissions.

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Thank you for visiting our booth!
EWEA Offshore 2015

Thank you for visiting the Smulders Group booth at the EWEA Offshore 2015 Exhibition in Copenhagen!

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Smulders Group at EWEA Offshore 2015

Smulders Group will take part in the world’s largest offshore wind energy conference & exhibition (EWEA Offshore 2015) in Copenhagen from 10 – 12 March.

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Smulders Projects will produce its 1.000 transition piece!

In August 2013 Smulders Projects, subsidiary of Smulders Group, and Sif Group received an order from Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects b.v. for the production of 150 Transition Pieces for the Gemini Windfarm.

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Rotterdam Centraal wins Dutch steel award!

Yesterday Rotterdam Centraal, the new central station in Rotterdam, won the ‘Nationale Staalprijs 2014’, a Dutch award for projects that are entirely or partially executed in steel.

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Iemants acquires contract for The Hague start station Erasmuslijn

Iemants was assigned the contract for the engineering and construction of a railway viaduct that is part of a new start station for the Erasmus line in The Hague.

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Smulders Projects acquires contract for 67 transition pieces for Dudgeon Offshore Windfarm

On July 3 2014 Smulders Projects was awarded the contract for the supply of 67 Transition Pieces for the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm.

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