Smulders receives top recognition from the United Nations


Smulders receives top recognition from the United Nations

June 19th '20

Smulders, together with 10 other companies from the Mechelen and Kempen region, will receive a UNITAR certificate from the United Nations in October. Over the past 3 years, Smulders has taken sustainable actions, such as reducing our CO2 emissions, switching to 100% green energy and introducing a bicycle lease programme. We were already honoured on 18 June during an online event organised by Voka.

This is what it's all about: the 17 sustainable development goals - or SDGs - set by the United Nations. The goals range from tackling poverty, to promoting health at work or recycling waste. An overview of our actions can be found on

"These goals should help businesses and citizens to work sustainably until 2030 and beyond. It is encouraging that many companies are adapting their policies to meet the United Nations targets. They use this as a compass to run their business," says Guido Evens, senior advisor on Sustainable Business at Voka - Mechelen-Kempen Chamber of Commerce. "An evaluation committee checks whether companies have achieved the objectives. Whoever gets the charter from Voka gives the image of his company a serious boost. A company that is a laureate and completes three successful projects, within a period of five years, is awarded a UN certificate. A top recognition for each company."