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Smulders Projects

Smulders Projects

In Hoboken (Antwerp), next to the Scheldt, Smulders has a unique production site. Since 2001, the former shipyard is used, amongst others, to produce steel foundations for offshore windmills, substations and other large constructions. As a pioneer in the market, Smulders Projects started in 2001 in Hoboken with the production of transition pieces for the first offshore wind farm worldwide: Horns Rev. Over the years, Smulders has evolved to market leader with a track record of over 2,000 transition pieces and 160 jackets.


The production facility of Smulders Projects is located next to the Scheldt in Hoboken, nearby Antwerp. Because of its ideal location next to the Scheldt, finished products can be transported easily to their next destination.

Production facilities

The site in Hoboken covers 130,000 m² and has 2 production halls with a total surface of 27,000 m². Thanks to the gantry crane, we can hoist up to 560 tons (excl. hoisting material) covering a surface of 60,000 m²

The first production hall of 12,000 m² has a hoisting capacity of 400 tons. The roof opens in 8 sections giving access to the gantry crane. In this hall, a blasting- and paintshop is located, both with a rood that can be opened so the parts can be led in using overhead cranes. The blast cabinet is 15 meters high, 15 meters wide and 44 meters long. The unit is equipped for four manual shot blasters, while a robotic blaster can take over any pieces with common dimensions.

The second production hall has a total production area of nearly 15,000 m² with 500 tons lifting capacity. Inside, there is a blasting cabin with demountable doors so that the heavy pieces can be transported with the kamag wagons from the blast cabinet to the paintshop. In this hall, the largest pieces are painted. The blast cabinet is 56 meters long, 25.5 meters wide and 22.5 meters high. 4 to 6 blasters can work at the same time. The paintshop has the same dimensions as the blast cabinet. However, on both sides there are moveable scaffoldings that can be adjusted according the shape of the construction.