Social responsibility & ethics

Business ethics and compliance with regulations have been a major concern of Eiffage and Smulders for many years.

In accordance with the Group's values, the most important of which is exemplarity, and in a context of increasing national and European regulations on the fight against corruption and the duty of care, Eiffage and Smulders have implemented a compliance system based on the following main tools:

  • A Code of Conduct detailing the rules and conduct of business ethics,
  • A training program for the most sensitive employees (e.g. managers, employees with direct commercial links with customers),
  • A whistleblowing system enabling any Eiffage employee and all its stakeholders (such as its co-contractors, subcontractors and their respective staff) to report in a responsible manner, without financial compensation and in good faith:
    • any situation that appears to be contrary to the Code of conduct or values of Eiffage (e.g. corruption or influence peddling)
    • information about a crime or offence, a breach or attempted breach of a national, European or international obligation
    • any threat or harm to the general interest "duty of care" (human rights & fundamental freedoms, health & safety, environment).

 Alerts can be made either nominally or anonymously using the multilingual "Integrity line Eiffage” platform, accessible in all countries where the Group has entities, from a computer or a smartphone via the URL

They are managed by the Group alert system manager or the local alert system manager.

Alerts can also be sent directly to Smulders to

Eiffage's whistleblowing system ensures that reports are taken into account quickly and followed  up accurately (written acknowledgement of receipt within 7 days, investigations, remedial measures and closure of cases) and that protective measures are implemented and alerts are handled in complete confidentiality.

These tools are regularly updated to comply with the regulations applying to the Group's activities in France and abroad.


NB: If you are an Eiffage supplier, we invite you not to use the "Integrity line Eiffage" platform for invoice payment matters but to contact your Group contact person directly.


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