TenneT selects Iemants to supply 130 pylons


TenneT selects Iemants to supply 130 pylons

May 12th '20

TenneT has selected Iemants, a subsidiary of Smulders, to supply 130 pylons (65 mast positions) to be placed on the 380 kV Eemshaven-Vierverlaten connection.

This high-voltage connection will be realised using the new type of 'Wintrack III' mast, suitable for four 380 kV circuits. TenneT has recently started constructing the connection, and is planning to put it into operation in the course of 2023. The civil work for this connection will be carried out by BAM Infra and the combination Strukton Civiel-Mobilis, Spie has been contracted for the conductor assembly.

TenneT previously announced that the Danish company Valmont SM will supply the other pylons for the connection (56 mast positions). In addition to the 40-kilometre-long Eemshaven-Vierverlaten 380 kV connection, TenneT is laying a connection between Borssele and Rilland (South-West 380 kV West) and the Wintrack III pylons. Here too, TenneT has two suppliers. One of these was announced three weeks ago and is VDL Network Supplies.

Kop d'r veur

Project director Klaas Bakker is happy with both suppliers: "Within the project we call out 'Kop d'r veur' on a weekly basis. With this pylon supplier, we have now contracted all parties to make the project a success and thus make a substantial contribution to the energy transition. We have complete confidence that they will do a good job". TenneT is deliberately spreading the risk with the two pylon suppliers. "If one party is unexpectedly unable to meet its obligations, the other party must take over. With the Corona crisis, you can see that unforeseen things can happen; we have responded to them contractually. Furthermore, cutting up the project saves time - we work from two sides

End of 2020 first pylons in place

The production of the pylons will now begin. "First, so-called anchor cages will be made and delivered. These are part of the foundation. Our civil contractors have already started building them. The pylons will be attached to these anchor cages. Production of the pylons will also start; at the end of this year, the first pylons will be assembled in the Groningerland region, both on the Groningenstad side and on the Eemshaven side.

Klaas Bakker: "The pylons will be transported in parts and assembled on site. The size and diameters of the various sections have already been taken into account in the design because of the transport. Just think of viaducts, tight curves and narrow roads.  It is heavy transport. From a traffic safety point of view, this requires a careful approach. In consultation with road authorities and our environmental panels. And we are going to pay close attention to communication with road users and local residents".


Read more about the project on https://www.eemshaven-vierverlaten380kv.nl/.