Smulders, ENGIE and GeoSea are building the offshore substations for SeaMade

December 03rd '18

The consortium of Smulders, ENGIE Fabricom, Tractebel and GeoSea has been awarded a contract for the construction and installation of the SeaMade offshore wind farms in the North Sea. The consortium will build the two high voltage substations, and their respective substructure, to be installed respectively in the Mermaid and the Seastar area.

SeaMade is the name of two combined offshore wind projects, Mermaid and Seastar, two offshore wind parks in the Belgian part of the North Sea. Mermaid has a capacity of 235 MW and is located approximately 50 km off the Belgian coast. Seastar is located closer to the mainland, approximately 40 km off the coast and has a capacity of 252 MW. 

SeaMade will consist of 58 SGRE (Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy) wind turbines and provide green energy to supply about 485,000 families and reduce CO2 emissions with 500,000 ton a year.

A consortium with a proven track record
After a successful collaboration on numerous previous offshore wind farms, ENGIE Fabricom, Tractebel, Smulders and GeoSea decided to join forces for the SeaMade project. They will be responsible for the full EPCI (engineering, procurement, construction, transport, installation and commissioning) of both high voltage substations.

Renewable energy as an essential element in the energy transition
Renewable energy sources play an essential role in the transformation of our energy landscape. Especially the offshore wind farms of the North Sea coast are indispensable in the Belgian climate plan to reach the European targets.

The different partners of the consortium joined their expertise to contribute to this transformation.

ENGIE Fabricom will be in charge of the overall design coordination and the integration of all systems of the offshore substations at the construction yard in Hoboken. ENGIE Fabricom will also be responsible for the LV & auxiliary systems and Piping & Mechanical.

Tractebel will be responsible for the basic and detailed engineering, procurement, testing and commissioning of the HV/MV equipment.

Smulders will be responsible for the full engineering, procurement, fabrication and corrosion protection of the steel constructions for the topside and its respective substructures being Transition pieces and monopiles.

GeoSea will be responsible for the transport and installation of the topsides and substructures from onshore to their final offshore operating location.