Electrical Team Offshore – playground for Engineers & Project Managers


Electrical Team Offshore – playground for Engineers & Project Managers

June 15th '22

Generating energy. Doing a great job, the people in our Electrical Team. Without their work, no electrical equipment would be fitted into wind turbines and there would be no wind energy. In a figurative way too, they are making things move in the offshore world, stepping into the limelight more often. The team is growing fast, and URGENTLY needs reinforcements.

“A close-knit team where everyone contributes and is respected,” says Project Manager Gerard Opsteyn about the Electrical Team. And that sets the tone. Quite a motley crew is at work in this division, different jobs within the electrical segment, driven by the same mission: make the difference for Smulders and its customers. It's extremely fascinating, as you'll find out when you become part of it. Just a few more facts you should know before you decide to come on board in this supportive team at a leading player in the offshore wind sector.


First things first. The colleagues. Specialised and working in serious business. An unfamiliar world for many. Indeed, as an engineer or expert in electrical installations, you haven’t always come into contact with offshore at school – unless you know that, when studying industrial sciences, you can choose to go in this direction.

“I found out by chance that there was an Electrical Team,” says our Assistant Project Manager Sten Beekmann. “You have no idea what you're getting into, but it's really special and nothing compares. Within Smulders you can learn quickly and pick up a lot, while receiving optimal support. We are the underdogs. Everyone talks about the windmills, those imposing yellow things, but no one thinks about the inside. If a cable or installation fails, this can bring an entire wind turbine to a standstill, resulting in major costs. We have a job with impact.”

Just imagine, about 5 years ago there was no Electrical Team in our group. The electrical part used to be installed at the top of the wind turbine. That wasn’t very practical for maintenance. Smulders installs it in the TPs just above sea level. Exactly what the market needs. So that's where our Electrical Team comes in, consisting today of 10 of the 1,200 Smulders staff. And with that small group, Smulders can make the difference in bringing in a project and making it profitable. Here they are ...

Project Engineers Electrical
Lieven De Rechter & Felix Nauwelaerts

“We focus on the drawing work and we monitor the technical feasibility and quality of the designs, with a view to efficient production and integration of the electrical components in the installation.”

Electrical Engineer Offshore Constructions
Jean Charles Beauverger & Oleksander Oleksandr Malyshko

“Our main task: perform analyses and calculations for the electrical design process and translate these into equipment lists, cable lists and cable ladders. We support the Tender Team and Project Execution. You often see us in our production facilities and in the TPs themselves checking the installations done by subcontractors.”

Project Managers
Gerard Opsteyn, Sten Beekmann (Assistant) & Kurt Coppens (Assistant)

“We run offshore projects from an electrical point of view. We keep the overview from tender to completion within a dedicated project in close contact with the drawing, production and engineering departments. A safe, high-quality and cost-effective realisation – that is what we are committed to every day.”

Wedding cake

Jean Charles Beauverger and Oleksander Oleksandr Malyshko: “The work for our team starts during the tender phase, with a supporting role. Engineering tries to work out the high-level information in as much detail as possible. If Smulders is awarded the contract, the further detailed design will start. Lists are drawn up for Purchasing, and the Electrical Team makes the shift to Production under the watchful eye of the Project Manager. The details are known quite late, so we have to move fast. With short (communication) lines and a cross-fertilization of expertise, it works.”

Lieven De Rechter and Felix Nauwelaerts: “We can only start when the previous work is completed. That’s quite a challenge. The focus of clients is usually on the steel design and the generator, less on the electrical part. We want to produce and install as efficiently as possible. We are dealing with a serial product. Every bolt you can save is an advantage. Clients have not realised this for a long time, but the added value of our work is increasingly seeping through.”

Gerard Opsteyn and Kurt Coppens: “A few years ago, 'Electrical' was just the icing on the cake. Now, because of the size of the projects, we are in fact becoming a full wedding cake. The electrical part is getting bigger, as is our offshore knowledge. And yes: that requires additional colleagues.”

Responsibility & ownership

Why you too should join us, with your education or experience as an Engineer, or as a Technical Bachelor or Master, preferably with knowledge of electrical installations in offshore wind farms? Let your future colleagues convince you:

  • “We can define our own way of working and we are involved from beginning to end.”
  • “You enjoy the advantages of a solid, international company and the flexibility of a small team. You bear a great deal of responsibility, but you have ownership and the return is great.”
  • “Within Electrical, you can broaden your vision, build an excellent foundation and seize the opportunity to go wider.”
  • “You get a lot of appreciation and the interaction with suppliers and subcontractors is very dynamic.”
  • “As a Project Manager, you will have to go to the TP for a check-up from time to time. You shouldn't be afraid of heights, and what you do and see in there... it’s just groundbreaking.”
  • “We have the job of tomorrow. Electrical is still in its infancy. Soon we will also be installing the electricity of the substations. Really exciting, but we are more than ready.”

The Electrical Team, really your thing. Take a look at the jobs and apply.

Assistant Project Manager
Electrical Engineer Offshore Constructions
Electrical Project Engineer