Offshore Wind

Gemini Offshore Wind Farm | TP
North Sea, the Netherlands
Gemini Offshore Wind Farm | TP

Smulders produced 150 transition pieces for the Dutch Gemini Offshore Wind Farm. This project is a major milestone for Smulders. Not only is this the largest order concerning the number of foundations in the company’s history, the first transition piece of this project was also TP number 1000 produced in our facility in Hoboken, Belgium.


The Gemini Offshore Wind Farm comprises 150 turbines of 4 MW each. Gemini will be one of the largest wind farms worldwide and is to be built in the Dutch part of the North Sea, 85 km off the coast of Groningen. This project results in more than a doubling of the number of offshore wind turbines in the Netherlands: from 139 to 283 turbines.  


Project data:


  • Customer: Van Oord
  • Utility: Northland Power
  • Wind turbine type: Siemens SWT 4MW
  • Number of transition pieces: 150