Civil & Industry

Antwerp, Belgium

Smulders is the main contractor for the renovation of the Noordkasteelbruggen situated in the port of Antwerp. The Noordkasteelbruggen were built in the 1980s and consist of 2 lines (east and west) of 3 bridges. The first and the last bridges are fixed and the one in the middle is a movable bridge. The four fixed spans and one moveable bridge are included in these renovation works. Smulders is responsible for the hoisting and the transport of the bridge parts, and the replacement of the steel road surfaces. We work closely together with subcontractors for the mechanics, the handrails, the scaffolding and painting activities at location, the engineering and the installation. 


The realisation of the project is divided in two parts. We started in September 2017 with the construction of the three bridge parts of the west line (2 fixed and 1 moveable part). We completed the production in Arendonk in June and the work in Hoboken started one month later. The finishing and assembly of the bridge parts are scheduled for the beginning of 2019. We will start the production of the 2 bridge parts of the east line in the spring of 2019. These are scheduled to be completed at the end of 2019. 


Project data:

  • Client: Port of Antwerp
  • Weight: 480 tonnes new steel
  • Total weight 5 bridges: 1,500 tonnes