Offshore Oil & Gas

Stinger Pioneering Spirit
Vlissingen, The Netherlands
Stinger Pioneering Spirit

Smulders was responsible for the production and assembly of a Stinger, a frame that hangs behind the Pioneering Spirit. On board of the Pioneering Spirit, pipe parts are welded together. Via the Stinger transition-frame (on board of the Pioneering Spirit) the pipe is placed on the Stinger and rolls over the 'rollerboxes' into the water. The Stinger leads the pipe to the bottom of the sea and guarantees the most ideal curvature of the welded pipe during the installation phase. 


The different facilities of Smulders worked together on the project:

  • Iemants, Arendonk: Production of complex nodes
  • Smulders Projects, Hoboken: Assembly 2D>3D section 1/2/3 wings section 2/ triangle arm
  • Spomasz, Poland: Secondary steel (ladders, , ...)
  • Iemants, Vlissingen yard: wings section 1/ final assembly/outfitting/load-out


Project data:


  • Client: Allseas
  • Lenght Stinger: 150 meter
  • Width Stinger: 65 meter
  • Weight Stinger: 4,200 tons