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Central Station Rotterdam
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Central Station Rotterdam

Smulders was the main contractor of this project and built the steel structure, concrete main supports, facade construction and the complete 15.000 m² RVS 316 roof. The construction of the station was very complex. The 3.500 ton weighing steel structure had to be built within 6 months, partially above the railway and partially above the metro, which was also under construction. During these works, it was very important that the passengers weren't hindered. A challenging job if you imagine that daily 110.000 passengers cross the construction site.


Rotterdam Centraal was officially opened in March 2014 and was built in cooperation with the city of Rotterdam and NC Stations.


Project data:


  • Client: Gemeentewerken Rotterdam
  • A couple of numbers: 
    • 3.450 tons steel
    • 1200 m³ concrete
    • 14.350 m² roofpacket / topcoat RVS roof
    • 32.000 m² fire-resistant coating
    • 2.650 m² laminated and tempered glass