Intern in the spotlight | Willem Kuijt


Intern in the spotlight | Willem Kuijt

April 27th '21

5 questions for...


... twenty-year-old Willem Kuijt from Oud-Turnhout. Basketball player at BBC Geel, student at the Thomas More University College and intern at Smulders. 


What do you study? 
I study Electromechanics at the Thomas More University College in Geel. I am in my final year now.

What exactly does your internship entail?
I am doing my internship at the electrical department of the drawing office in Arendonk. For my internship assignment, I have to write a basic code that ensures that the e3d drawing program can be personalised. You can then create a button yourself in the program and link an action to it.

Why did you choose to do an internship at Smulders? 
Because of COVID-19, I initially did not have much choice for an internship. But out of all the assignments, the one of Smulders seemed the most interesting to me.

What is it like for you to do an internship during these corona and working from home times? 
I work 2 days a week from home. And that has its advantages and disadvantages. I can sleep longer than usual, but unfortunately I am also a little bit more distracted than normal.

The other 2 days I’m at the office in Arendonk. It’s a nice change from working at home. On Friday, I have classes.

Do you like working at Smulders? 
Yes, I like working at Smulders. The colleagues know each other well here hence the good atmosphere between them!