Intern in the spotlight | Sabrina Castro


Intern in the spotlight | Sabrina Castro

April 01st '21

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… Sabrina Castro, 27 years old and intern at Smulders in Arendonk. After working for 5 years, she was looking for a new challenge. That is why she decided last year to enrol in a graduate programme. Let's meet!

What do you study? 
I am currently in the first year of the graduate programme HR Support at the AP University College in Turnhout. I have classes 3 days a week, the other 2 days I’m doing an internship at Smulders.

What exactly does your internship entail? 
I’m doing my internship at the HR department in Arendonk. I support colleagues in all sorts of tasks. My work at Smulders is therefore very varied. For example, I arrange presents for colleagues who are retiring, organise trainings, prepare documents for foreign employees, process data, etc. 

Every day is different. That is what makes my internship very diverse and interesting! 

Why did you choose to do an internship at Smulders? 
Because of corona it wasn’t easy to find an internship, so I had to look for a while. I had looked at a number of companies in different sectors but in the end, I chose to start at Smulders. 

Smulders is a large international company and that mainly spoke to me. And of course, the large and impressive projects that they do here. Also, my sister has been working here for a few years, so I didn’t hesitate for long!

What is it like for you to do an internship during these corona and working from home times? 
Because there always has to be an HR colleague at the office, I am allowed to work in the office during my two internship days a week. Corona-proof of course 😊.

It's a welcome change from studying online at home... And by the way, it’s also nice (and handy) to see and meet colleagues in person.

Do you like working at Smulders? 
Although my sister works for Smulders, I didn’t really know what to expect. What would it be like to work for such a large steel construction company?

I was particularly surprised that there is a very open, familiar, and collegial atmosphere here. Something you might not expect in such a large company. Everyone knows everyone here (or almost) and that makes the atmosphere between colleagues, both within their own department and other departments, very pleasant.