Young talent | Tomasz Siwak


Young talent | Tomasz Siwak

February 16th '22

Always striving for better. Committed to good communication. Attention to the person behind the story. Typical Tomasz. As Production Manager of our site in Niedmodlin, he absolutely makes a difference for our production and people.

How did you end up at Smulders?
“Well, we’ll have to go back 10 years for that. After school I started working at Spomasz and  I started study Production Management. I did not bring any experience from a previous employer, but my training was extremely comprehensive in terms of production environments. And so I started out as a production preparation worker.”

How did those first years go?
“From the beginning it felt right. My superiors and colleagues gave me all the support I needed and I learned a lot from them. It is a very specific business anyway and you always come across new challenges for which you have to find solutions. Lifelong learning is part of it. I was only 24 years old when I was asked to become a foreman myself. It was a challenge, but thanks to the people around me on the shop floor, I managed.”

What is your current job?
“Since March 2020, I have moved to our new location in Niedmodlin. In the meantime, I grew from being a foreman to Production Manager. The production with about 110 colleagues is in full preparation for the Dogger Bank project.”

What do you like about your current job?
“Working with a team of passionate employees. Everyone counts. Having done different jobs across the company, I know how important each link is and what people’s needs are. My superiors give me an excellent example, I am well surrounded."

What is your greatest talent? 
“I hear from others, and I also feel that’s true, that I am good at people management. People are not machines, you have to lead and inspire them and treat them with respect. Much depends on the attitude, but with the right motivation you can teach others a lot. Look at safety, for example. I always say that when your work is done, there is a family waiting at home. I want everyone to get home safely every day, with their 10 fingers.”

What challenges do you experience?
“Again, mainly a people issue. Projects sometimes require extra manpower and finding those extra resources is not always easy. Materials, deadlines and people... if it is well-balanced, we can handle anything. I can say that I have a great team and that we are flexible in dealing with issues. We find a solution for every problem. This is also because we are well-organised, with persons in charge of each sub-project, and we consult a lot.”

What are your ambitions for the future?
“Continuing my mission as Production Manager. In line with the company standards, I always want to strive for better and optimise communication. Whether it is for the wind industry or bridge building, we keep the dynamics going. Bring on those large projects! I like surprises and I am committed to contributing to the success of Smulders together with the team.”

Any tips for other starters to choose Smulders?
“Don’t hesitate. You get every opportunity here. I had no experience either when I started, but through dedication, specialised training and the right entourage, I was able to become the Production Manager I am today. There is plenty of choice at Smulders: you do not necessarily have to work in the warehouse or in the production of steel elements, a world of opportunities is also open to you in other departments. Believe in it and go for it.”

Work hard, play hard – do you have time for anything else?
“When I am at home, I want to be there for my wife and 2 children. I have a 6-year-old son, Szymon, and a little daughter, Blanka. She’s 6 months. I owe a lot to my wife. Thanks to her, I can work fully on my career. Leisure time is also dominated by football.  My son and I play football and my whole family are big fans of it.”

As you can see: Tomasz is a satisfied man. As Production Manager and as People Manager. Making the production run and motivating people, that’s what he does best.